Christen K.
The woman who owns this place is VERY informed and she may be a little pushy, but she is only interested in whats best for our pets. I try (we ALL should) to remember that the condition of our pets coat is OUR responsibility. It is not our groomers fault we lack time/proper knowledge to keep our pets in prime condition. I would prefer a happy, healthy dog to a “pretty” dog. I know for certain the owner is not out to harm our pets, in fact, she does not care about our opinion, she cares about our pets safety and comfort!

Colleen A.
Love there grooming style. They know how to work with pets. Terri the owner has 30 years experience. Christine has worked there 6 years. They are a great team. Bottom line is they care, and give a good cut.

Diana J.
We adopted a small mixed breed terrier/poodle mix on Valentines Day from the SPCA. After a few months, we realized that Inky was going to need more grooming than other dogs we have had. Terri was kind and firm with him, and explained to us the different types of haircuts that would work.
My husband and I were both very happy with the haircut and also with how gentle the staff was with our dog. I wish I could post before and after pictures to highlight the quality of the cut. We have been able to get appointments when we want them and appreciate the staff’s willingness to work with our schedules.

Carol F
I’ve taken my dog here for a couple of years and these people are the best. Unhappily my dog died this past February, and towards the end she was having difficulty standing for very long and was a little testy. Everyone at A+ Pet Grooming were so kind and patient with her that I would never take a pet anywhere else and I’ve been to several.

Barbara N
We have been taking our dogs to Terri for almost 20 years. She does a good job and the dogs are comfortable going there. She has given us helpful health suggestions through the years (like suggesting some skin problems could be caused by corn allergies) and was very accommodating with our older, very arthritic dog. Her shop at times seems a bit chaotic, but I think that this is true with most groomers. Most important to us is that the dogs are well cared for.

Michael M
I’ve taken my two Golden’s to A+ Pet Grooming for several years now. I used to go to Terri (the owner) even when she was at another location. She does great work and you can tell really cares about the pets. She knows not only grooming, but also can tell you a lot about your animal health in general. Her prices are reasonable–the shop is a little messy sometimes, but I think most dog cleaning places are…it’s just part of that business.

Jerry and Mary
Let me all tell you something: IF YOU OWN A DOG AND DON’T KNOW HOW TO TRIM HIS NAILS YOURSELF …. you shouldn’t own a dog …. PERIOD ! We took our English Cooker there after we received a coupon in the mail and had his TEETH CLEANED …. she does a wonderful job at that, has for over 25 years, UNLIKE THE VET, who administers NOVICANE to mask the pain, she uses fluid and brush only …. and I was amazed how clean his teeth were afterwards … at about 1/3 the price a vet charges. Suggest you folks throw the clippers out and use a small electric GRINDING WHEEL TOOL to trim your dog’s nails ….. ours actually enjoys the process, which we learned from the breaders at the Pleasanton Dog Show.